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What We Stand For

Bitcreate Media revolves around the principle that forward progress is necessary.  Progress is beneficial for many aspects of life, but music demands the notion of change.  Without innovation, music becomes bland and stagnant.  Innovation can come from anywhere and anyone.  Whether from the old or new generation, creative progression needs to be cultivated and harnessed to full capacity.  This philosophy defines Bitcreate.

At Bitcreate, we don’t plan on reinventing the wheel.  We want to create and release music engineered by those with a clear vision, a dream.  Our goal is to support music that will do more than inspire and motivate through sound.  Bitcreate Media represents an idea to be shared and strengthened:  Music is a celebration.  Music is a unity of the human spirit.

Bitcreate Media is an independent, international record label focused on the harder genres of electronic dance music.  Founded by David “Markove” Markov in November 2012, the label is run out of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area in the United States of America.