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Mastering Services

Need the professional edge to your finished track? Look no further!

Our Objective

With years of experience in the music industry, Bitcreate Media has demonstrated an ability to release quality, professionally designed music. Using this experience, Bitcreate wants to help those with a passion for dance music achieve their dreams. Whether you’re an industry veteran or a genre newcomer, we have the knowledge and capability to help your track reach its potential. Each track that comes through our studio is treated with the same respect, dedication, and performance as one of our own.

Track Examples


To accommodate clients of all levels in the music industry, Bitcreate provides a number of packages to choose from based on individual needs. ¬†Need only a master? We’ve got you covered! Need a mixdown too? No problem! We’ll work with you to accomplish your goals for each and every track.

Looking to order in bulk? Let us know and a discount can be provided!